NYC (and Jersey) Attacked My Soul, And Not In A Good Way

It did, I swear that I’m not simply exaggerating. Just like the last time I ventured down to the depths of the city of urine, I return with a belly full of yummies and throat full of strep. But did that completely ruin the trip? Not COMPLETELY, but it did put a damper on the trip in part.

The whole point of this mini vacation was to spend time with Erik as well as get to see him new home and have vegan deliciousness with him. He’s somewhat new to the vegan scene (but not really) and had never experienced what NYC has to offer for those of us with a conscious. He was my excuse, my reason for taking time off and spending insane amounts of money on foods that I can only get in one place only.

We began our trip on Thursday with a trip through Bethlehem (as I posted yesterday) and a Vegan Treats run, followed by heading to Princeton to Whole Foods. Since it was one of the closest WF to where Erik lives, it made the most sense to stop there first and get it over with.

After nearly two hours spent in WF (what can I say, I’m deprived), we headed to his house and promptly passed out.

The next morning, we were off to NYC!

Erik lives in Highland Park, New Jersey!! He attends Rutgers, where he is getting his Masters, as well as teaching. Yeah, he’s hot shit.

Random awesome graffiti I found on our way to the train station.

Erik made the greatest comment ever while we were waiting on the train platform:

“My hands are so dry. I need a good moisturizer!”

One of our first stops right off the bat after arriving was of course, The Strand. The look on Erik’s face was pretty damn close to the face he made at Lula’s and Vegan Treats. He may have needed a change of underwear but didn’t say anything.

Good stuff is coming now, I swear….


After The Strand, we went to Bad Burger.

Holy Damn.



Oh yeah, I said it. They were what I dream about when I fall asleep. They are who I want to be with for the rest of my life. They need to be INSIDE ME AT ALL TIMES.

I don’t remember the name of this, but it was delicious. It was a simple gardein patty with bacon, daiya….and that may have been it. See, this was the beginning of the coma that was sickness so things might be a tad foggy. Oh, but I remember the mac and cheese balls very clearly.

After we removed ourselves from Bad Burger, it was on to a pit stop at Obscura (where I got to discuss Star Wars with the lady in charge, Evan) and to Lula’s Apothecary.

Cake batter sundae with gummies and hot fudge! OH YEAH.

Yeah, Erik’s Lusty Ice Cream Face.


Random chair on the street with a prayer on it.

For dinner we found ourselves at Kate’s Joint.

It was eh, but then again, I was smack dab in the middle of the downfall of my health. I barely ate anything, but Andrea and I did the Southern Dinner for two. Sweet taters, mashed with gravy, collards, and herb crusted tofu.

Mac and cheese was another side, not to mention black eyed peas.

Erik had the alfredo, first since he became vegan.

Review of the whole place? Eh. Take it or leave it. My judgment may be slightly bias due to sickness, but overall, eh. The flavors were lacking, as well as any sort of originality. Dishes were what can be found in any vegan cookbook on the market, which was disappointing to me.

But again, just  my opinion. Nothing too spectacular.

So ends day one.


2 thoughts on “NYC (and Jersey) Attacked My Soul, And Not In A Good Way

  1. are the deep fried mac and cheese balls really vegan??? because I may just sprint to brooklyn right now if they are… I had some deep fried macaroni balls once before I started giving up dairy and they’ve haunted me ever since.

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