Vitamix, I Love You. No, No, I Really Do!

Thanks to QVC and the special they ran a week ago, I am now the proud owner of a Vitamix!

That’s right, bitches.

I’m beaming like a proud new momma!!

I had been stalking the UPS tracking site,waiting for this beast to arrive and checking it every few minutes. Besides excitement, I wasn’t too keen on the idea of it arriving and sitting out in the cold for a few hours, since I was at work. At exactly 6pm on Friday, it arrived!

In all it’s glory!

As I was taking this picture, as you can see in the lower right hand corner, my phone went off. My friend Sarah, who happens to live a few blocks away, summoned me to come hang out. And of course, I brought my lover along.

My lover being my VITAMIXXXX!!!!

Sarah was stoked on the idea of it making hot soup and of course, we felt the need to test this. We were somewhat skeptical because honestly, how the hell does it move THAT fast?!

Yeah well,…….

Do you see it?! THE STEAM?! Yeah, that’s right. Mind. BLOWN.

Addy was amazed by it and kept her eyes constantly glued to the blender. I would adjust the speed and she would jump a little at each and every different sound it made. Silly adorable vegan baby!

After scarfing Strong Hearts pizza that Nick, Sarah’s husband, brought home from work, I headed home.

Oh, but I woke at 5:30am on Saturday to make my first green smoothie!!

The thing dreams are made of.

After my hopes and dreams came crashing down the day I realized by Oster blender couldn’t blend honeycrisp apples, the first thing I threw in this bad boy was, you guessed it, honeycrisp.

Upon arriving home from work, I proceeded to try and blend my next dream item: carrots.

That one…..did not turn out so well.

Perhaps it was because I didn’t blend it well enough? Maybe it needed to go longer? Whatever it was, I ended up having to strain the mixture.

As some of you may know, the reason I don’t own a juicer is because I LOATHE the pulp/waste they create. I assumed with the Vitamix, it would eliminate any sort of pulp. Not in this case. I will of course give it another shot, but my fear is that I will let it run so long, my smoothie will turn into a warm soup.

Meh, either way, I am in love with my newest toy.

Hopefully, I won’t feel the need to own anymore kitchen gadgets! Minus the Excalibur.



2 thoughts on “Vitamix, I Love You. No, No, I Really Do!

  1. Congratulations on your new baby!! I just got a Vitamix too, and I’m trying to relocate all of those recipes that I couldn’t make before because I was without a high speed blender. Needless to say, it’s been smoothie city over here. I’m surprised you had troubles with the carrots breaking down. I’ve put them in my smoothies, and they broke down just fine. Maybe you could try blending them on their own first and then adding the rest of the ingredients. I’ve yet to make soup in the Vitamix. I’m loving the picture of the steam coming out of the top of yours. Exciting!

    • veganwhore says:

      Congratulations on your new baby as well! Isn’t it the best thing ever?!

      I tried the carrots again, thanks to you and your recommendations. Silly me, I had the blender on low! I cranked it up to high and had no problem!
      Thank you! Thank you!

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