Carrot Top Of The Morning To You!

I tried carrots in the Vitamix again! Thanks to a wonderful comment on my last post where I bitched about how it turned out, a lovely person chimed in with their input and I’m happy to report, it worked!

Carrots were the one thing I was most excited about blending in my new blender and I’m happy to report now that I have achieved that feat, I can die happy! No juicer needed here!

On to the smoothies of the day….


Cherry Mint Limeaid! All the ingredients you were expecting to find in it!


Ruby Emerald Smoothie had apple, kale, and frozen peaches. The recipe in the vitamix manual called for raspberries but I didn’t have any. Peaches were the most abundant in my freezer so in they went! I was curious if the bitterness of kale would be masked and sure enough, it was!

Did I mention I served my mother kale for the first time the other day?! She loved it! She called me the next day and said “Megan, they were great…. But… Can too many greens give you the shits?”
Oh mother….


Carrot Top Of The Morning To You had romaine lettuce, carrots, and an apple. YEAH, I’m in all sorts of love.

Who needs dinner when you have smoothies?!


One thought on “Carrot Top Of The Morning To You!

  1. Murdercakes says:

    Ok, just the COLOUR of the first smoothie piqued my interest!

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