Blood and Kale

Other things I was super stoked to blend? BEETS.

I had a friend at a cafe make me up a juice a year ago or so and she the beets in for energy. Surprisingly delicious! I was accustomed to the beets found in a jar with thick ruby liquid and nasty mushy flavor. Thanks, mom! Since those days ended, I had never had beets again.
After the juice, I vowed to juice a beet.

Fast forward nearly a year to vitamix.


I was up at 3:30 this morning for some unknown reason. Tried as I might, sleep was not returning to me. I eventually gave up and decided to throw together a smoothie! Why not, right?!
In this beautiful red concoction was five beets, beet greens, and a banana! Amazing. It tasted earthy and clean.


Smoothie two of the day was a random fruity concoction. I let Spencer choose, since it is his birthday and all. He chose strawberries, banana, pineapple and pineapple juice. Pretty good choices, kiddo!


Last but not least, my new love mixture. Kale, apple, peaches. Spencer, Sophia and I shared this one. Bosslady came walking through the door and Sophia ran to her and said “Mommy, look what Megan made us! A Green smooooothie! I live green smooooothies! ”


I will leave you with this tid bit of an overshare….
It takes 14 hours for a beet smoothie to go through ones system. I thought someone had stabbed my insides.

End overshare.


4 thoughts on “Blood and Kale

  1. Murdercakes says:

    I have to commend your use of Star Wars glasses. *nod* I approve.

  2. Haha! I’ve also noticed that after drinking beet juice!

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