I Dreamt Of Michael Ian Black.

Why is it that I never seem to be healthy anymore?

It started with strep throat when I was in NYC. Two rounds of antibiotics and I still can’t shake it!

Today my right ear seems to be plugged and try as I might, I can’t unplug it! Argh!

I blame the kids. The smelly, sticky, sickly kids.


Berry Spicy Blast I believe was the name? Bloobs, blackberries, ginger, green tea and romaine. Watered down nicely, it was easy to drink! Too much ginger on my part which completely over powered the berries!


I haven’t the faintest on this one’s name! Watery like the first, but stunningly spectacular, it consisted of apples, pears, spinach, ginger, lemon, and green tea.

Dinner was Moe’s where I had a superb tofu burrito. After having drank most of my calories for the day, it was a welcome treat to have to CHEW!


2 thoughts on “I Dreamt Of Michael Ian Black.

  1. Ana says:

    Do you have an exact recipe for the green smoothie? It looks/sounds delish. C:

  2. Rena Fioretti says:

    strep throat is specially harsh during the winter months. always take some vitamins to keep your immune system at its best. .

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