Clean Guts Make Megan A Happy Girl

I was a terrible person this weekend.
I didn’t have one single smoothie! And I only use the vitamix once! Tisk Tisk, Megan.

It wasn’t a busy weekend or anything. As a matter of fact, the most I did was clean my house. It was a filthy mess and after two hours of straight, hardcovers cleaning, it is once again acceptable. Oh, and I went to the mall with Niki and my mother.
One of the things we did with my mother was go to Joann Fabrics. While wandering the store, what did I find?!



Star Wars comic book fabric!
A dress?! An apron?! A cape for Spencer?! Shit….. Shit. I’m so in love with it that I bought four yards. I stock up, bitches.

Onto today’s smoothies!


Blueberries, strawberries, romaine, banana, maybe lemon juice? I forget. My head is all foggy and icky with this head sickness I now have.


Apples, a WHOLE giant cucumber, celery, spinach, and lime.


Kale, strawberries, apple.

Total, I believe I drank six entire apples today.
Yes, six.

My guts will be clean tomorrow, dammit!


5 thoughts on “Clean Guts Make Megan A Happy Girl

  1. Murdercakes says:

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. I seem to have caught a bug of my own – some kind of sore throat sinus thingie. LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric! I’m an SW geek myself. That’s a lot of fruits and veggies! I’m jealous! Hopefully I can get a new blender soon (my current one leaks) and jump on the liquid food bandwagon as well.

  2. You make me realize how sad my life is without a Vitamix …

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