Make this blog for only $24/month!

Has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

This was the ad at the top of WordPress’s Dashboard page for me just now. Yeah, how about we keep it at VeganWhore? Yeah? Good plan.

So Alisha and I had some good bonding time on Tuesday night and we ate a ton!

She was super excited for me to make her a kale smoothie, since the girl LOVES kale. So of course, I made us one which we split. Awww.

I made corn bread while she manned the chili. I’m more of a bakery, as we all know.

She had recently seen this chili on a blog and was dying to try it, and of course, I was up for anything. Quinoa chilli…. Who would have thought.
Definitely my go-to chili from now on! The flavors were all there, the heartiness one would expect, and the slightly crunch of the veggies made this a definite win.

Some of you may remember my tweet a few weeks back asking for your favorite brownie recipes. I had yet to find one that was thick and gooey like I remember my mothers being.
Thanks to Vegan Junk Food, I now have my recipe!
Amazing. In every way.
Chocolate chips and walnuts rounded out these fudgey mounds of bliss.
Best cookbook purchase of recent!



2 thoughts on “Make this blog for only $24/month!

  1. I had to make brownies last night because I was still dreaming of those babies…. but I made the fudgy wudgy blueberry brownies from Veganomicon. also, Matt loved the chili (I split it with him)!!!

    ps: more kale smoothies please?!

  2. […] huge vat of vegetable quinoa chili and freaking awesome brownies. You can read about that adventure here. She also convinced me (just by having the book on her table and me devouring every page of it) to […]

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