Spinkles Make The World A Better Place.

Oh sprinkles! I must say, this cooking project made me appreciate them so much more. Before now, I’ve always ever bought Halloween sprinkles because I figured that would be the only time I would use them. Something about orange royal icing and colored sugar just seems to go together on my head.

Donuts? Nah. That is until I made them!

Alisha bought me this donut machine for Christmas! A tad late on getting it, (not judging!), I set to work spending a portion of my Sundays make these! Granted, it took no less then half an hour from start to finish, and luckily that’s how much time I was willing to spare from Fable II.


To go along with the machine, she gave me peppermint sugar and a cinnamon sugar grinder! I have yet to use the grinder but the peppermint sugar is stellar! It gave the chocolate donuts that tad bit of something they were missing and made them out of this world!


Go ahead and say it.


2 thoughts on “Spinkles Make The World A Better Place.

  1. you are awesome! and so am I! =P

  2. I NEEEEED one of those!! All I’m really missing in my life are vegan donuts. Those sprinkles make me swoon, btw.

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