Butta and Tofu!

Now that I have once again stolen the computer from my mother’s possession again, I can finally catch up with the posting I have sorely missed. YAY!

This past weekend, I ventured to Ithaca once again with Alisha and Jesse. It’s sort of our thing. I go with either one of them or both, and I have a feeling from this time forth it will always be the three of us.

Moosewood and Greenstar are always the two major things we plan for each time we go. A quick lunch, shopping at the organic market, and a two hour round trip car ride to pass the day!

Something about their Lemon Tahini Dressing makes my insides sing.

Some sort of Mediterranean bean soup. It was superb and was made even better when I dipped my sandwich in it!

A Babajou Pita! I’m sure the spelling on that is way off but I truly don’t care. It was tasty and every time I order babaganouj, I always pronounce it a different way! (Yes, I spelled both of those differently on purpose.)

Tofu Khan! As Alisha put it so delicately, “It tastes like a bologna sandwich! Every part of the sandwich is there!!”

Not going to lie, her comparison made me not want to eat anymore of it…

Gorgeous mural we saw on a random parking garage.

The only one to buy something other then food on our excursion was Alisha who can be seen here modeling her brand new umbrella! A daisy UMBRELLA! So cute and very much fits her personality!

I found myself doing the normal splurging in order to stockpile my kitchen with tofu, tempeh and vital wheat gluten. Always the same. The only difference was this time, I stock piled BUTTER.

Thanks to Vegan Mofo and Earth Balance, I was awarded coupons for free products. As a baker, what else am I going to spend them on?! BUTTER!

And the only place around here that has the GIANT tubs? Ithaca.

Ladies and gents, this is 13 POUNDS of vegan butter.

Let that sink in for a moment.




What. The. Hell.

What am I ever going to do with it all?! Gah.



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