Mother’s Day and Why My Mother Insists She Didn’t Raise Me

Greetings and salutations one and all!

Long time no see….AGAIN.

I was able to convince my mother to let me borrow her computer for a week or so, so you can expect quite a few updates!!

Mothers day is always pretty uneventful for my mother and I. She doesn’t really care all that much and doesn’t like a big fuss made over anything. This year, rather then sit at her house doing nothing and ordering chinese, I offered to cook for her at my house!

She HATES coming to my house and always thinks shes seconds away from being shot. See, we live on the “edge” of the ghetto. Nothing ever happens around us but if you happen down the hill a bit, you might find some “unsavory” happenings. So the fact she came over was kind of a big deal.

I had in my head that I wanted to make her all veggie dishes since she has it in her head that everything vegan is “fake”. Silly mother! Once she arrived , I gave her a few options of dishes I could make her. She opted for the Leek and Bean Cassoulette. Good choice, momma!


I made the decision to make sponge cake with strawberries without her knowledge. She didn’t need to know everything, right?! This is a picture that I simply couldn’t resist taking. The recipe I used for the sponge cake asked you to whip the egg replacer until it formed soft peaks. MIND BLOWING! I swore only eggs did that.


Beets!!! After roasting them, I somehow managed to dye my toes, hands and stomach red with juice. How the heck does that happen?!


Dinner is served!! My mother and Niki brought their own Pepsi because they know I rarely have anything to drink other then water. Ha.


My mother had been pining after Edible Arrangements for some time now and simply couldn’t justify buying one at $60+ each. I had also told her it doesn’t take alot to make one yourself!

Despite the fact we had devoured a third of it before I took this picture, it looked wonderful! The fruit was perfectly ripe and the arrangement was purdy. Mom was pleasantly surprised indeed.



Leek and Bean Casoulette!  I’ve made this multiple times since becoming vegan and it remains one of my major fall backs. Easy and quick to throw together, casseroles are one of my favorite things in the world! Someone should come out with an entirely vegan casserole book. I’d buy that shit up, plus five more copies as gifts!



Harvard Beets, which are simply beets with a sugar and vinegar sauce. My mother has loved these since she was a child and I never in a million years thought of making them for her from scratch. I came across a recipe in Color Me Vegan and knew instantly it would be one of the dishes I had to make!



The spongecake came out more like a pound cake. Not what I was hoping for, but it was delicious none the less!

So delicious in fact that the fella and I chowed down on the rest of it for breakfast!


Oh, the other part of the title!!

My mother has always insisted she didn’t raise me based on the fact that I’m messy, loud, bubbly, and just overall don’t give a fuck. Oh, and my crude and lude humor. Her appearance, despite looking like the 90’s threw up in her closet, is impeccable. She she never farts or burps, she keeps herself pretty well composed for the most part, and she is ridiculously neat and tidy.

Needless to say, my nicely packed home was not up to her standards.

and she didn’t approve of me burping in the kitchen.


The end!


So concludes my Mother’s Day post.

I hope all of you celebrated and hugged your mother’s yesterday. I know mine was probably sick of me hugging her.


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day and Why My Mother Insists She Didn’t Raise Me

  1. Buddha Joy says:

    #1 I love the name of your blog.

    #2 you’re doing great work, humorously bringing compassionate cuisine to the masses.

    #3 you’re a nice daughter….
    Well done!

  2. I have been waiting for your return, patiently. I think your brilliant! Moms have to love us no matter what! Your dinner looked amazing! I go on blog everyday hoping your back on. The wait is finally over. Thank the Universe! I have been trying your juices int the Vita-mix and all I can say is yummy!!!!

  3. TrekkieLianne says:

    Just started following your blog and so glad to see a new entry. I’d love to try the leek recipe.

  4. kala says:

    Your meal looks so yummy, especially the cake!

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