Liquid Cake.

If you follow me and Kelly on Twitter, you know my love of cupcake flavored alcohol. It’s like drinking the sugar goodness without the disgusting, repulsive frosting!

When this hit the market, Alisha happened to score a bottle and shared the goodness of it with me. From then on, I was on a major hunt to find it and down an entire bottle myself.

After I found my initial bottle of Pinaccle Cake Vodka, I realized there was more then one cake flavored things to be found in the liquor store and made it my new quest of finding the BEST ONE OUT THERE.

OH YEAH. This bottle has SPRINKLES ON IT. Sold. Clever packaging wins everytime.

This one, in my opinion, outshines thee Pinaccle brand by quite a bit. It almost tastes like cake batter ice cream that I fell in love with from Lula’s Apothecary in NYC!

I made myself some Pineapple Upside Down Cake drinks and had myself a merry old time one Saturday night!

The same night, which I have yet to try, I bought some Devil’s Food Vodka.


Intriguing for sure… I’ll have to find a way to make a Devil’s Food Cake in liquid form…

LOOK! The cap has a cupcake on it!

Packaging wins every single time.


Of course, when I have cake vodka, I find a dessert to incorporate it into. It would be blasphemous not to, right?! Thankfully, Vegan Junk Food has a recipe for vanilla vodka in it’s Cherry Coconut Vodka bars. Perfect fit!

I’ve made these a few times before and honestly, they never get old. Ever.

In conclusion, you should all come drink liquid desserts with me and get silly and make bad decisions on Twitter.

It’s what I’m good at!


3 thoughts on “Liquid Cake.

  1. Your awesome! Very funny! I will be trying this for sure!

  2. OMG, Three Olives Cake is the BEST!!!!!! Have you tried the Three Olives Loopy? It’s Fruit Loop-flavored vodka! And it may the best thing in the world….ever.

  3. TrekkieLianne says:

    I may need to try this very soon. Being a mere vegetarian, I still eat cake. Well, when I’m not on a diet. Which I am right now, so I’m in severe “cake lust” mode. I could drink those troubles away with cake flavored vodka. Oh yeah…..

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