The Dead Speak!

Obviously I’m not really dead, but I might as well have been in blog land!

Still sans computer, not to mention various medical happenings with family members have left my blog on the back burner for quite some time now. Plus, MY BEST FRIEND WEDDING THIS WEEKEND! Squeeeeeeeeeal! AND MY OTHER BEST FRIEND COMING TO VISIT NEXT WEEKEND WHO JUST SO HAPPENS TO BE ALL SORTS OF KNOCKED UP! MORE SQUEEEEEEEEEAL!

So yeah, busy busy life.

I’ve once again added wordpress to my phone so hopefully I am forced into bogging again. I mean, why not?! I instagram all of the food I cool anyway so why the hell wouldn’t I share it with my lovely blog readers!

Oh, for those wondering, I can be found on Instagram as VeganWhore. Add me!

Until next time, young padawans…


One thought on “The Dead Speak!

  1. Glad to see you among the living and will look for those pictures. Squeeeal! 🙂

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