Mt. Dew Cookies: Take Two!

Mt. Dew. Demon liquid. For the fella, his life energy in one handy 20 oz bottle. And yes, on occasion, I too down it like it’s water. I try to not to!! It’s just SO good! Those soda companies sure did know what they were doing when they created that stuff! So when Kelly told me her text book theme (not sharing, sorry) I knew what had to be created….


Granted, I worked on this one time many months back… But sadly that recipe was lost in The Great Mouse Hunt of 2012 aka THERES A MOUSE IN MY MUTHAFUXKIN KITCHEN! SO, a new recipe was created and in my opinion, it trumps the first attempt. For those of you lucky enough to be on Kellys testing forum, the recipe will be posted this week. For those of you who are not, HA HA! Kidding. You’ll just have to wait and see if it makes the cut into her new book!


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