Time to MOFO!

I have exciting news!

The fella splurged and bought himself a laptop since our shared desktop decided to shit the bed. And honestly, the time couldn’t be any better! In a few short days it will once again be time for…



Yup, it’s time to mofo, my lovelies!

I’m trying to figure out what I plan on doing and if I will have a theme. I was thinking maybe casseroles or slow cooker things, but I’m sure both have already been done. Maybe something Star Wars themed? I was also throwing around the idea of veganizing everything that appears in the Star Wars Cookbooks but that would be too simple and gross.

Anyone have any ideas they are okay with me stealing?!?!



2 thoughts on “Time to MOFO!

  1. VeggieSue says:

    I debated so many different themes (Besides McDougall no-added fat, plant-based, whole food recipes), even made up 4 different list of recipes for the 31 days, made my first post this morning, have my first meal using that theme cooking, and now that I’m smelling it and looking at it I’m like “Eh” and really don’t want a whole month of foods like THAT. I have a funny feeling that tomorrow I’m switching to themeless and just making meals with whatever I have on hand, even if they don’t follow any theme. Clean out the fridge & pantry, how’s that for a theme?

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