Hoarding, Never Ending Apples, and Ugly Food – Vegan MoFo Day 4

People who know me know very well that I have a problem when it comes to collecting. Or hoarding. Or obsessing.

Yeah, obsessing is a better choice of words.

I become easily addicted to things wether its a new craft, a method I have never tried, or just simply an idea.

Current obsessions include :

1. Embroidery

2. Aromatherapy

3. Tacos


5. Vegan Cookbooks

My obsessions come and go, but I always return to them at some point! I guess that’s due to throwing myself in and having the All-or-Nothing idea.

The point is, I have so many damn vegan cookbooks that it boarders on ridiculous. I have all the newest ones (thanks to Amazon Prime and pre-orders) and have many more coming in the next few months. I simply can’t seem to stop myself from ordering them! NOT UNTIL I OWN THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!

Prove it you say? SURE! Feel free to point and laugh at the hoarder.

Shelf 1 (above my iPod dock)


Shelf 2 (above my sink)


Shelf 3 (in my dining room)


Shelf 4

Okay, so shelf 1…. Until today, that housed all of my newest, along with random ones I just threw there. Now it’s not much different and I tried to organize by theme? Yeah right.

Shelf 2 is ones I use the most and the main authors I dedicate my life to.

Shelf 3 is overflow and my records, along with shelf 4.

Below shelf 4 is my VegNews collection and my knitting and Make magazines.

For the most part, all are vegan. There are one or two novelty books and a handful of vegetarian books, but 99.7% are vegan!


My name is Megan and I am obsessed.




Apples. I love you, but please go away now.

A whole bushel of Honeycrisp is what I started with. Just under half is what I have left. Everytime I make something with them, I am hopeful it will make some sort of dent in the bag. Ohhhh, but it never does! They must be regenerating or something. I’be made preserves, pie filling, butter….WHAT THE HELL ELSE IS LEFT?!?!

Apple butta, fresh from the slow cooker! Yes, it’s only four jars, but I promise you my one slow cooker would have exploded had I put any more apples in.

Give me ideas, people. I’m hyperventilation here!




Today I had two slow cookers going when I left for work.

Between the slow cooker and the casserole dish, it’s a tossup as to which is my favorite way to prepare a meal. If I could, I would make someone help me write a casserole slash slow cooker book just so I had the best of both worlds in one neat-o binding.



The green one held this delicious breakfast favorite :


Old-fashioned Cinnamon Sugar Oatmeal! For some added awesome, I slapped on a bit of the apple butta from earlier in the day. It became coarse one of my dinner!


Cream of Cauliflower and Broccoli Soup! What a beautiful picture…of…bland looking goo.

Both of those pictures look like poop, I’m aware. Did they taste like poop? FUCK NO.


Aaaaand recipes for both are brought to you by…


It was vegan….and involved slow cooking. Criteria for being pre-ordered? Yessssss.

I’m actually pretty impressed with how both of these recipes turned out! Both are super and I’m looking forward to bringing them to work tomorrow.

Now, I am off to bed! Tomorrow marks my final day of working 8 days in a row and I couldn’t be more pleased!!


3 thoughts on “Hoarding, Never Ending Apples, and Ugly Food – Vegan MoFo Day 4

  1. Andrea says:


  2. You should make Apple Butter out of all of the apples and give it away when it’s the holiday season!

  3. Katie says:

    Daaaaaaaaaang, I thought I had a lot because I have 50! Also I want to see your taco collection.

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