Vegan Food Swap

I sure do love me some vegan food swaps. There’s just something about receiving food items from other parts of the country, things that are elusive and can’t be found around me, that makes me giddy!

When I heard about the food swap that The Verdant Life was organizing, I jumped at the chance to join in.

My partner for the October 2012 swap was Kathy, who sent me a truly amazing box.

SEE?! Amazing. The bean chips are a personal favorite and something that I’ve had before. The lentils are being saved until I’m at work and forget to bring food. The macaroons are….gone. Chocolate bar too. And the Lucy’s cookies. The queso, well, that’s being saved until a rainy day.

The wasabi peas on the other hand…. They made me gag. Wasabi and me aren’t friends, but the fella sure did enjoy them! I contemplated bringing them to work and tricking the kids into eating them. I’m THAT kind of nanny.

Thank you, Kathy!

You can expect your package in the next few days!!


One thought on “Vegan Food Swap

  1. I meant to get in on Cat’s food swap, but I failed. I still use the reusable toaster bags from our swap. 🙂

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