White Chocolate Making And How I Realized That This Is Bad

A better way to say it is THIS IS GODDAMN HORRIBLE.

I was never a fan of chocolate in my pre-vegan days, especially milk chocolate. It just tasted nasty to me. Back in the day, rather then the milky brown stuff, I went nuts for the white. White chocolate bunnies for Easter, white chocolate covered raisins, white chocolate covered EVERYTHING. It was so delicious and creamy and perfect in every way.

Even after I became vegan, my mother still insisted on buying me white chocolate bunnies for Easter. She would say “Oh, it’s just a little milk!” or “It’s no biggie. Eat it anyway, I won’t tell!”

I had all but given up all hope and reason of ever having white chocolate until a friend mentioned there was a vegan one on Vegan Essentials . WHAT THE HELL! WHY WAS THIS NOT INSTANTLY IN MY BELLY?! Oh, that’s right….SHIPPING. Shipping would have been too expensive and not really worth it for one single item, no matter how many I ordered. What was a white chocolate whore to do?!

Check Amazon for some and pray they have Amazon Prime!!

So once they arrived and I went ape shit insane over them, it got me thinking….. There HAS to be a way to make it myself.

Enter BitterSweet’s recipe!!

Hannah posted her creation four years ago and I’m shocked that I never saw it before!!!

First, I needed to acquire raw cocoa.

I heard this stuff was expensive, but jeeeez! Then again, this is probably enough to make a dozen batches.

It sure is purdy. Anyone know what raw foodists do with this stuff? I tasted it and it reminded me of eating Earth Balance. BARF!

I even busted out my fancy vanilla bean to give it some added color!

More or less, you melt the cocoa in the microwave, add some vanilla and powdered  sugar and whisk.

Once all is well combined, pour it into a chocolate mold and let set . See?! ALL DONE!!

After a few hours of setting and a quick trip in the freezer just to make it super hard…


Next time I make this (this evening I think) I will omit the vanilla bean. It made for a gritty, almost chalky crunch. I’ll just stick to the powdered vanilla. Despite that small complaint, it was perfect!! Smooth and creamy, just the right amount of sweetness…. Oh man. I’m never pining over the chips again!



9 thoughts on “White Chocolate Making And How I Realized That This Is Bad

  1. Leash says:

    Is that ground vanilla bean worth it’s price? Is it just like using the beans? Or could it be used like the beans?

  2. eyeofraw says:

    Us raw foodies make chocolate with it! Haha I put mine in a small pot, then fill a larger pot with water and do a double heating system to slowly melt it.it has a melting point of 76. I’ve been making white chocolate for years… and regular too!

    Did u know white chocolate was originally made from the white cacao bean? These are not sold commercially so cacao butter is used.

  3. Betsy says:

    ok- stunned is what I am! I love white chocolate, but shun it because it is such junk. I never even considered making my own-this is another reason that I love to get your posts! You open up my eyes to new feasting opportunities. I checked out the recipe at Bittersweet, and I am wondering if you used the soymilk powder in yours? I don’t have any; don’t want to buy the whole big can of it for such a tiny amount because I won’t use the rest. Whaddya think? I don’t see it mentioned in your version. I too love vanilla bean paste, but since my goal is to make white chocolate mousse, I think I’ll leave it out this time.

  4. I was pretty impressed when I tried that recipe, although I had some trouble with it separating at first. It tasted great eaten raw but it sucks if you put it in baked goods since it melts way faster them store bought white chocolate. I put it in muffins and then muffins ended up having a bunch of puddley chocolate holes. Best left for shoving directly into mouth 🙂

    • Lea says:

      Look at the ingredient list for the white chocolate chips you are referring to. Horrible! I’d rather make my own white chocolate. Thanks for the photos WH, I like the molding that you use. It looks just like regular chocolate but it is much healthier and much tastier than the store bought one.

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