The Dead Have Risen

Yeah, yeah. Again, I find myself apologizing for not blogging. What can I say? Life has been tumultuous and I have had better things to do then share what I’ve been making and shoving in my face hole.

Many new things have happened, most not too great.
Currently I find myself worried about multiple things, but finding comfort in new friends and the kids I nanny for.

My mother and I had a fantastic meal with my old roommate, Robert, last night. He told me he had a confession. That confession?

He loves my blog.

Well shit, people still read this?! And of all people, my old roommate whom I adore and miss and used to eat his hot pockets?! Well, then I guess I owe it to him to start blogging again!

I will start posting and sharing once again, if not for me but to make up for stealing his Hot Pockets.

I’m posting this from my phone and only have a few pictures of foods I made the other day, so I will share those.

I’ve started trying to control my portions and eating more plant based. As a vegan, it is so easy to give in to the faux meat gods and worship them daily. Moderation is something I’m trying to learn.


A spice pile that was used to make Broil Blackened Tofu! It was an epic pile to say the least. And honestly, I don’t remember what was in it!


The broiler blackened tofu with a side of brussel sprout potato hash.
The hash was legit, one of the best things I have ever eaten! It blew my mind in more ways then one!


We’ve been eating ALOT of brussel sprouts. My farts have been reaking of them! Over share? Maybe.

I will post more as I cook more. I will find the time, I swear!!


2 thoughts on “The Dead Have Risen

  1. LOL! I thought I was the only one who could tell a Brussels sprouts fart from a regular one. 🙂

  2. I was just responding to your DM and when I hit enter, the lights went out…

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