Isa, this entry might turn into a love letter to you. If it does, so be it.

Anyone who is vegan and has a pulse knows who Isa is. She is one of the first to make it big in the vegan cookbook world and one of my first vegan crushes. Her and Terry have mastered the art of writing a good cookbook and formulating the perfect recipes that make you want to make over and over, while at the same time doscovering new things that would make any meat eater think twice about shoving dead carcass into their face holes.

Lately, I’ve been using Appetite for Reduction ALOT. Trying to limit my portions and regain some control over my eating habits, AFR is a godsend.

The other day, one of the things I was more petrified of trying was the Zucchini, Black Bean and Olive Tacos. The fella told me to just shut up and make them after I told him my fears and so on. Most of all, I was scared for him. He LOATHES any and all squash things. Texture thing.

So we took the plunge and made them one night.


Isa, I love you.

These were amazing and the fella agreed. He even requested them again. Shocker!

There hasn’t been one thing in this book that has been a fail and hasn’t made it to the daily rotation of recipes in my house.
And I know I reviewed the book prior, I believe around the time it came out, but now I sing more of its praises.

-End Rant-


And to end this entry? green smoothie!

Every morning I drink one, or try to. I notice on days I do, I don’t constantly reach for snacks when I’m bored!


One thought on “ISA TACO!

  1. Everything Isa or Terry touch is gold. Haven’t made these tacos yet, but I love squash, love black beans, and love love love olives….so I really need to do that!

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