Fur Babies and Reubens

Oh, hi! Hey!

New things in my life include:

  • Mother to two of the cutest fur babies I have ever laid eyes on. A male, whose name is Obi and a female who we affectionately call Crumb. They enjoy biting each other in the privates and jumping in the air and doing back flips. Oh, and causing me to frog my knitting.
  • Knitting. Yes, I am obsessed with it once again. Though tonight, while trying to make the fella a Cthulhu hat, I may have nearly thrown it while telling him to go fuck himself. Why? Because I missed a stitch in my color chart. Cthulhu was laughing at me, I swear.
  • Christmas came and went and I am now the proud owner of a Canon Rebel T3i. Remember all my bitching about having a shoddy camera that couldn’t take a solid picture to save it’s life? well, problem solved.

And this is where you all simultaneously yell at me :


Well, I’m hoping I will now that I have an excuse to take pictures and cook things and post beautiful pictures of all of the various children in my life (including Alisha’s child whom I am visiting in a month, Chris, and of course, Spencer and the rest of his siblings.)

I will warn you all now, this blog may become a giant clusterfuck of babies/knitting/food/CATS.

 photo IMG_0054_zpsd9d20fc2.jpg


 photo IMG_0053_zps937ce91a.jpg


 photo IMG_0051_zps8ac3cb9c.jpg


 photo IMG_0058_zpsca2e9a39.jpg

One of the many new cookbooks I’ve received in the past few months was the newest title from The Chicago Diner. On the front cover in all it’s glory, was the Reuben. Well, I HAD TO MAKE IT.

After two pounds of seitan marinated in my fridge for three days, today was the day I tackled it.

For the record, I had no idea that Thousand Island Dressing was a mayo base. Had I known, I might never have made this.

Don’t mind my crummy pictures. I have no idea how to use my camera properly (just yet), but plan on spending the next week getting to know it. Intimately.

 photo IMG_0047_zpsdca684c0.jpg

FUR BABIES! Obi is the submissive one in this picture. When we took him to the vet a few weeks ago, they said he has a heart murmur. I blame that for his lameness in this picture. Crumb is the one sitting up, and what you don’t see it moments later, she full on lunged and bit his neck. She’s a whore.

So I know this is sort of jumbled but hey, they went and changed everything in my WordPress and I’m pretty confused by it all. This must be how old people feel like when old people try to Google stuff.




One thought on “Fur Babies and Reubens

  1. Laura says:

    I’ve been craving a vegan Reuben ever since I saw one on the Best Of diners episode! Need to try it!

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