The Great Cheesecake Conundrum

 photo IMG_0405_zps9889334f.jpg

Take a look at this disaster. A good, long look.

Now, please explain to me what the hell I did wrong.

This disaster came from The New Chicago Diner Cookbook . Yes, I followed the directions. Yes, I reread them over and over. Yes, I am still puzzled as to how the oil completely separated and floated to the top, leaving a mass of cream cheese at the bottom.

I have to say, I stood there for a few moments watching the bubbles come to the surface and pop at the top of the oil layer. I wondered to myself ” Can this be saved? Can I get past the fact that my worst enemy is staring at me, taunting me with its greasy nastiness?” The answer is FUCK NO!

 photo IMG_0401_zps1cb5f930.jpg


In other news, I made Pretzel Dogs of the Dead from Bake & Destroy !

 photo IMG_0228_zps3d4881fd.jpg

 photo IMG_0235_zps8d70766e.jpg

So. Good. And relatively easy to make, which is good since these were breakfast one morning. The fella works twelve hour shifts and arrives home around 7am. When he gets home, he’s starving so quick and easy is ideal.

 photo IMG_0281_zpse8a4ac01.jpg




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