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Mystery Tea and Food Stuff


 photo IMG_0788_zpsf8f23378.jpg

Breaded Tofu with Pesto and Cauliflower.

The tofu was meant to be fried, but I refused and opted for baking.

The pesto, well, it hid the cauliflower well.

Simple and delicious, the tofu is bound to be common place in my house from now on.

 photo IMG_0879_zpsdabde81f.jpg

The name of this escapes me but I do remember it was meant to resemble Beef-eroni…. but with LENTILS! It was truly a work of art.

 photo IMG_0886_zpsef2374e6.jpg

Tempeh Orzilla.

It was definitely an odd mix of ingredients. Orzo, tempeh, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, and nooch. It was one of the first things from this book that was just OKAY.

Gorgeous to look at, the flavors were lacking. It was just bland.

Not everything in the book could possibly be mind blowing, right?

Prior to receiving my camera for Christmas, I made a good deal of other things from this book. Everything escapes my mind right now (I blame the TV blasting The Taste and my urge to punch the “vegetarian” girl in her twat.

On a side note, I have a question to pose you, my lovely readers.

Anyone know what this mystery tea is?

 photo IMG_0874_zpsa6fd2973.jpg


I purchased this at Wegman’s in their tea section and I was an idiot and tore the label off. Obviously it’s a green tea. I seem to remember it was extremely expensive when purchased by the pound. Oh, and it tastes of nori, which isn’t all that shocking.



Life In The Hole (aka. How I’ve Managed to Become a Nurse)

Hello, dear readers!

Wondering where I ran off to?

Thinking perhaps I ran off and joined the circus out of grief for leaving my nanny job? Maybe I dove face first into a rack of ribs? Or maybe, just maybe, I stole the children and ran away to the circus to wallow in a BBQ sauce vat with them, which causing an amber alert that pans multiple states?

Nothing as simple as that, sadly.

While my job has been over for roughly three weeks at this point, life has been anything but relaxing or food-centric.




My last day of work was September 6th.

It was a Friday.

The kids and I spent the day as we usually would, minus a lot of tears on my part. The day before there had been talk on Sophia’s part, of them throwing a party for me. Little did I know, it wasn’t the tea party and pretend cookies I thought.

Bosslady came home, along with Bossman a few minutes later. Knowing I wasn’t done yet, I began to panic. We’re they letting me go early?! ON MY LAST DAY?!?! Panic set it.

Well, moments later, the children came out to the living room and all sat down. Boss lady and boss man joined them and handed me a Star Wars gift bag. Inside was a card, all signed by the kids, a Moes gift card, and various Star Wars toys (mostly Greedo related. They know me well!) Of course, it made me cry. Duh.

The big shocker came when boss lady brought out cupcakes she had picked up from Strong Hearts. I looked at her in disbelief and said “…..Holy shit. You went into the VEGAN cafe?!” She laughed and said yup, and that I should be oh so proud. And of course, I was.

After taking my sweet time eating my cupcake, I knew it was time to go.

Then came the goodbyes.

Let’s just say……it was bad.

Fast forward to me actually getting into my car.

As I’m turning on the car and buckling my seatbelt, everyone comes outside. Another round of hugs and kisses and I force myself to pull out of the driveway. 

The most gut wrenching part? Watching Sophia and Spencer chase me down the street.

I waited until I turned the corner and instantly started hyperventilating as tears just poured down my face.

I’ve experienced many losses in my somewhat short lifespan and that by far was the worst. Out of all of the deaths, injuries, illnesses, and distances, the pain I felt in my heart was the deepest. Driving away, I knew things would never be the same. My relationship with those children will never be the same, and my influence on them will slowly dissipate. As much as I try to rationalize it and talk myself out of loving those kids so deeply that I felt like a parent to them, it never worked. I can’t help but wonder if maybe, five years ago on that fateful day I met them, if only I had just separated myself from my job emotionally, if I would have faired better that day. Then again, on that cold January day in 2009 when boss lady came home from the hospital with a tiny little bundle of screaming, shitting joy, I’m sure I would have let me guard down long enough to fall in love.

Thankfully, my mother was waiting for me at Target. She knew this was going to be hard and she was insistent on me spending the night at her place. We planned a fun day out to a museum the following day and it was a good excuse not to be left home alone.

Well, the following day, we set off on our adventure to Corning Museum of Glass. As usual, mom had be drive. Nothing new. Niki sat in the front with me and mom in the back. The drive was a long one, but a beautiful one through the Finger Lakes and right along wine country.

Upon arriving at Corning, I start to pack my purse with essentials and remove the unnecessary added weight that electronics add. Suddenly, I hear my mom yell my name. I jump out of the car and find my mother on the ground. First though? Okay, she fell. Okay, she dislocated her knee (common). Nothing super serious….until the words “I dislocated my hip or broke it. Call 911.” 


Uhhhhhh…..excuse me, mother?! You what now?

Thankfully, she is a registered nurse and knew what not to do in such a situation and that was UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO YOU MOVE. 

Ambulance comes, Niki and I follow to the hospital, ER visit, X-rays, diagnosis is a broken femur. How do we fix this? Surgery. NOW.

No way could she return to Syracuse (2 hr drive) where she would receive top notch care at one of the four local major hospitals. Oh no, we are stuck in a small town who does even have an Ortho guy, but they have one visit on weekends from Canada.

After a very terrifying night of subpar nurse care (which I reported) and my tough-as-nails mother screaming out in pain frequently (the woman has root canals without pain meds, not to mention the heart attack she sat through and thought nothing of back in 2000), she went into surgery the following day.

A few more days in the hospital, then she was released.

And here we are nearly three weeks later. I haven’t left her side for more then a few hours because honestly, I can’t. I can’t because she needs me to assist in simple things such as bathroom visits, walking the stairs, and making coffee. And while she’s doing way better then most would be in her condition, it’s still a long and grueling process. She gets frustrated because she’s such an independent person that relying on anyone, even her daughter, is embarrassing.

As I told her though, there is nowhere else I would rather be.

So that, my dear readers, is why I have been silent. 

Life keeps shitting on me and the people around me.

Nannying, mom getting hurt, I suppose it all happened for a reason, right?

The entire experience of being a nanny to this family has been a crazy one for sure. One thing I walk away with is knowing that as a person, I have grown leaps and bounds. Knowing that I truly am capable of loving a child with my entire being, willing to die for him, and knowing full well I will never let anything hurt him….well, that’s just remarkable. I never in a million years would have thought I was capable of such a thing. And thanks to this experience, I came to realize I no longer want my own children. Why, you ask? Because as Spencer so graciously puts it……

“All children are born with bombs in their heads, and I control them. I will blow up any new kids you take care off.”

Well played, little man.



I’m now 28, going on 13.

I absolutely do NOT feel 28 and the idea of that number terrifies me. It wasn’t until this year that my age truly started getting to me.

In a few short months, I will no longer be employed with the family. Spencer will be in school full time come September and having me around just won’t make sense. I knew this day would come and the kids would “outgrow” me. I never lived in the idea that I’d be with Spencer forever…. (or maybe I did..), and turn 28 has made me realize I might now need to secure a REAL job. I won’t allow myself to take care of another family. After the closeness I’ve developed with these kids, there’s no way I could do it again.


I’m 28 years old.

For my birthday meal, my mother took Niki and I to Rochester for a lunch! Thanks to a coworker of my mother’s, we found ourselves at The Owl House.

We didn’t realize until we arrived and started placing our order that they ere only serving brunch. Brunch has its own different menu and of course, everything we had looked at and oogled over was part of their regular menu.

I was super stoked about what the menu said we’re vegan mozzarella sticks and when I placed the order, the girl said they had just run out. Come again?! I should have told her to get back there and make them from scratch because its my goddamn birthday! Surely that would have meant we would be on saliva watch with all of our food… Maybe it would have been worth it?
The waitress suggested that we try Ciggarello’s. Sure, why the hell not! Bitch already let me down once so could these honestly be any worse?!


See what I did there? I made up a long word. Weee!
They were amazing. Truly something created by the gods.
What I can only describe as a egg roll sort of wrapped shoved full of seitan, buffalo sauce and I believe a cheese sauce of something sort, then fried.
Fat vegan kids fucking dream!!!

And how could those glorious appetizers be topped, you ask?!

I present you with…



By this point, I think I told our waitress I loved her multiple times. She was rather beautiful…but that’s not the point! She brought me delicious food so my heart was hers!!

What sort of meal is complete (especially a birthday meal!) without someone so sickeningly sweet that I felt like I was in a sugar coma the entire ride home?!





Best things I have ever had in my mouth.

After I basked in the glow of deliciousness, we went to Trader Joes where I carted home way too much Chorizo and Hummas.

The End.

The Dead Have Risen

Yeah, yeah. Again, I find myself apologizing for not blogging. What can I say? Life has been tumultuous and I have had better things to do then share what I’ve been making and shoving in my face hole.

Many new things have happened, most not too great.
Currently I find myself worried about multiple things, but finding comfort in new friends and the kids I nanny for.

My mother and I had a fantastic meal with my old roommate, Robert, last night. He told me he had a confession. That confession?

He loves my blog.

Well shit, people still read this?! And of all people, my old roommate whom I adore and miss and used to eat his hot pockets?! Well, then I guess I owe it to him to start blogging again!

I will start posting and sharing once again, if not for me but to make up for stealing his Hot Pockets.

I’m posting this from my phone and only have a few pictures of foods I made the other day, so I will share those.

I’ve started trying to control my portions and eating more plant based. As a vegan, it is so easy to give in to the faux meat gods and worship them daily. Moderation is something I’m trying to learn.


A spice pile that was used to make Broil Blackened Tofu! It was an epic pile to say the least. And honestly, I don’t remember what was in it!


The broiler blackened tofu with a side of brussel sprout potato hash.
The hash was legit, one of the best things I have ever eaten! It blew my mind in more ways then one!


We’ve been eating ALOT of brussel sprouts. My farts have been reaking of them! Over share? Maybe.

I will post more as I cook more. I will find the time, I swear!!


Like all good things, this too has come to an end.

Vegan MoFo 2012, I will mourn you.

It’s amazing to see how far MoFo has come since it’s beginning. There are now HUNDREDS of vegan blogs that took part, and thousands mouthwatering dishes that were created. Friends made, new blogs to stalk, and many more delicious dishes in my bookmarks.

Despite having barely participated, it was fun to see all the goings on! I loved getting a small glimpse into the worlds of friends and others and being nosy and jealous of the meals they would create.

To end it all, I leave you with various things I never got around to posting. I hope you enjoy the food pr0n and salivate at the goodness that I have created in my last few days of MoFo.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.

Tofu Egg!

Gardein Breakfast Sausage is by far the best faux sausage ever. Sorry, Gimmie Lean!

Tofu with Grape, Olive, and Sundried Tomato Marinade.

Broccoli Risotto!!!! Stellar.

And I’m staring to culture some brown rice to be used to make cheese from Artisan Vegan Cheese!!


Hope all of you enjoyed my posts from MoFo, and I hope you all had an amazing Halloween!