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White Chocolate Making And How I Realized That This Is Bad

A better way to say it is THIS IS GODDAMN HORRIBLE.

I was never a fan of chocolate in my pre-vegan days, especially milk chocolate. It just tasted nasty to me. Back in the day, rather then the milky brown stuff, I went nuts for the white. White chocolate bunnies for Easter, white chocolate covered raisins, white chocolate covered EVERYTHING. It was so delicious and creamy and perfect in every way.

Even after I became vegan, my mother still insisted on buying me white chocolate bunnies for Easter. She would say “Oh, it’s just a little milk!” or “It’s no biggie. Eat it anyway, I won’t tell!”

I had all but given up all hope and reason of ever having white chocolate until a friend mentioned there was a vegan one on Vegan Essentials . WHAT THE HELL! WHY WAS THIS NOT INSTANTLY IN MY BELLY?! Oh, that’s right….SHIPPING. Shipping would have been too expensive and not really worth it for one single item, no matter how many I ordered. What was a white chocolate whore to do?!

Check Amazon for some and pray they have Amazon Prime!!

So once they arrived and I went ape shit insane over them, it got me thinking….. There HAS to be a way to make it myself.

Enter BitterSweet’s recipe!!

Hannah posted her creation four years ago and I’m shocked that I never saw it before!!!

First, I needed to acquire raw cocoa.

I heard this stuff was expensive, but jeeeez! Then again, this is probably enough to make a dozen batches.

It sure is purdy. Anyone know what raw foodists do with this stuff? I tasted it and it reminded me of eating Earth Balance. BARF!

I even busted out my fancy vanilla bean to give it some added color!

More or less, you melt the cocoa in the microwave, add some vanilla and powdered  sugar and whisk.

Once all is well combined, pour it into a chocolate mold and let set . See?! ALL DONE!!

After a few hours of setting and a quick trip in the freezer just to make it super hard…


Next time I make this (this evening I think) I will omit the vanilla bean. It made for a gritty, almost chalky crunch. I’ll just stick to the powdered vanilla. Despite that small complaint, it was perfect!! Smooth and creamy, just the right amount of sweetness…. Oh man. I’m never pining over the chips again!



Spinkles Make The World A Better Place.

Oh sprinkles! I must say, this cooking project made me appreciate them so much more. Before now, I’ve always ever bought Halloween sprinkles because I figured that would be the only time I would use them. Something about orange royal icing and colored sugar just seems to go together on my head.

Donuts? Nah. That is until I made them!

Alisha bought me this donut machine for Christmas! A tad late on getting it, (not judging!), I set to work spending a portion of my Sundays make these! Granted, it took no less then half an hour from start to finish, and luckily that’s how much time I was willing to spare from Fable II.


To go along with the machine, she gave me peppermint sugar and a cinnamon sugar grinder! I have yet to use the grinder but the peppermint sugar is stellar! It gave the chocolate donuts that tad bit of something they were missing and made them out of this world!


Go ahead and say it.

Mt. Dew Lowers Your Sperm Count aka. Effective Birth Control

Mt. Dew cookies.

Yeah, I’m pretty sick and twisted.

My fella drinks this stuff by the gallon full when he isn’t home (maybe because he knows I wouldn’t approve) and I had been dying to find a recipe involving it, along with nagging Kelly to come up with one for her book.

Well, I got impatient.

Many of you are bound to ask for the recipe and I’m sorry to say, no. JUST.NO.

Fortunately for those of you who are testers for Miss Peloza, the recipe will be available in the testing forum as soon as I get off my lazy ass and type it up!

Shhhhhh! Hear that? It’s your sperm count depleting just looking at this stuff.

Pizza Hut Breaksticks : VEGANIZED!

I have a ginormous love of breaksticks and the ones found at Pizza Hut are no exception.

1 1/3C warm water

1T sugar

2t yeast

-Set aside and let sit like you would any other dough recipe

4C flour

1t salt

3T powdered soy milk

2t oregano

3T olive oil

– mix the dry together plus oil, then incorporate the yeast mixture

– mix until soft and pliable

– roll out into a rectangle until the dough is 1/2-3/4 inch thick

– with a pizza cutter, cut the dough into 1×4 inch strips.

-place strips on a light oiled baking sheet and allow to double in size while you make the topping

2T vegan Parmesan cheese

1T garlix powder

1T garlic salt

1T onion powder

1T oregano

1/4C olive oil

-brush the bread sticks HEAVILY with oil and sprinkle the topping mix on each one, careful not to allow too much to fall on the baking sheet

-bake at 250 for 12-15 minutes